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You High???

So much smoke we cant see.. 

too high.. 

With just one smoke sesh.. StonerTown was born.. 

The Flower Factory

Seed Sanctuary 

Exactly what is sounds like.. thats what it is.

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The Dab

Founder of the Concentrated Gravity Bong

A slab of concentrate.. "Hodl up, I just got a hair on me" - The Dab

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Mr. Green Kush

Founder of the Get High Stay High Club

"Rolling up NFTs and Burning Gwei.." - Mr. Green Kush

Juan Hunned

Founder of the $100 bill Joint

"Imma keep it Juan Hunned with you.. Im high as Fuck" - Juan Hunned

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Mr. Green OG

Founder of the Fat Doink Dao

“Hey man…I’ll catch ya later. Don’t let your meat loaf.” - Mr. Green OG

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Flower Factory


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